Stop and take a breath

Ahh. Nice random rock face. Perhaps a bit too ragged but still works for me.


Here, I turned the blade so I could use the edge to scrape across the top .. wanted it to ‘chatter’ and remove that flat surface.

Scraping – cont …

More of the same, drawing the blade along the surface to create texture. Texture is a ‘good thing’

Another breather ..

I was happy with the results at this point. I used my fingers to rub across the surfaces to remove all the dangly bits and smooth out everything.

A little filler

We had the areas showing where I glued the foam together. I used some Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty to blend everything together. I could have used plaster but Durham’s works great.

Dry filler

Once the Durham’s has dried I inspected the diorama and decided it was “good nuff” for the modeling portion of this project.

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