I found this model on Thingverse of a 3D Printed T-Rex Skeleton totally by accident. Looks like it was uploaded back in May 2016 so it has been around a while.

Anatomically Correct
From tail to teeth, this carnivore is created exactly in the image of its ancestor. No details were spared, from its intricate skull, to its delicate ribcage, to its laughably small arms.

The model is 20 times smaller than the real-life skeleton. That is reasonable – to 3D printed T-Rex skeleton much larger would require either a larger printer (doubt that is going to happen) or the need to split the model into smaller sections that could then be enlarged (doubt that happening either). There are 19 files totalling 79 pieces. Dimensions of the model are 601mm X 93mm X 247mm. Here’s a video of someone assembling the model – which gives a good idea of the size.

T-Rex Time-Lapse from MakerBot on Vimeo.

3D printed T-Rex Skull

3D printed T-Rex SkullI downloaded the file and printed the skull to get a feel of the size of the completed model and how well it prints. I was so impressed I decided to print the entire model.

Note that I haven’t cleaned the model yet .. the teeth need some going over lightly with an emery board.

While this PLA prints fine .. it’s ‘natural’ color doesn’t photograph as well as I like. I think the next time I order some I will try Ivory .. that will photograph better.

3D Printed T-Rex Jaw

3D printed T-Rex JawLike the skull above the teeth show some stringing and will have to be corrected with some delicate sanding/filing.

3D printed T-rex Top Hip Piece

3D printed T-Rex Hip TopThe Hip is divided into two parts for printing .. this is the top piece as the title says.

This is the bit that the legs fit into.

3d Printed T-Rex Bottom Hip Piece

T-Rex lower Hip or PubisThis is the lower part of the hip piece that tangles down between the legs – the pubis. The piece is upside down for the photo


These are used to connect various parts. The only downside (really not that much) is the assembly instructions don’t really specify which ones are used where

3D Printed T-Rex Base

The base is large enough to require to be printed in two parts. This be the front and back bits.

A couple of the H-Clips connect them followed by Weld-On #3

3D printed T-rex Ribs

This was interesting to print as I wasn’t completely sure that they would print without supports .. but they did

3D printed T-rex w/Gray Primer

I think it probably took a good 24-hours to print the entire skeleton .. I didn’t take notes or anything but that is about right I think. I sprayed on a gray primer coat to seal the PLA surface. I will use some white primer afterwards and some oil paints to color the ‘bones’ .. later.

3D printed T-rex w/Paint

Finally some paint. I used a Yellow Ocher vert thin followed by a Dark Brown MIG wash. All in all am pretty happy with the finished model. If I ever have the chance would like to repeat this using a resin printer.

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