Rusty Stumps O Scale Dolly

Product ID C2577. “O Scale Industrial Roll Around Dolly to help move heavy stuff around your industry or store. These nicely detailed dollies can easily be painted to look like worn wood and metal as you fit.

Planking is nicely defined and if you look close at the outer edges a few have worn areas. If you want heavy wood grain just lightly pull a saw blade sideways along the length of the planks.

Prime with an oil based paint the finish the painting with craft acrylic paints.

Close Up with Dime

A close-up with my Macro lens. Looks pretty darn good IMO – with the dime as a comparison. Nothing has been done yet to clean the model up – this is as it came from Rusty Stumps.


I used Tamiya Fine Surface Primer to prime the model. This stuff is not cheap compared to primer from Walmart but it is .. as it says .. FINE .. great stuff. I then used craft acrylics starting with a mahogany for a wood surface, then dry brushed gray to weather it. The wheels was painted with a blue green and a bit of sponge and the same paint for the surface.

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