The other day my 2004 350Z overheated going into ‘Limp Mode’. It took almost three hours to get home over about 15 miles having to cool down and getting about two miles each time. Sucked.
The next day I ran the ‘Auto Active Test‘ and everything worked .. except for the radiator cooling fans. I found instructions on testing the fans on Prostreet and following that the fans seem to have died. I did the usual search online for replacement fans and found them everywhere including Advance Auto and Amazon. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get Mishimoto shroud and fans from Z1 Motorsports.

The fan assembly shipped from GA the same day I ordered it (day before yesterday as I type this) and arrived the NEXT day using regular FedEx ground. Pretty cool. Of course .. it decided to rain.

Replacement Video

I found a video showing the replacement process titled – “350z Radiator Fan Replacement EASY!” – and will use that . .heck it is even the same year Z as mine. Just how easy it will be I think depends on how you define “Easy”.


The Mishimoto on the left and the stock assembly on the right.

I have to admit that ‘shinny things’ catch my eye and the aluminum shroud tickles me silly. There is a strip of adhesive backed weather stripping which is used between the shroud and radiator. If you look at the lower right on the stock assembly you will see a small clip between the two fan connectors. That is a ‘sorta kinda’ zip tie to secure the cables. There isn’t one on the MIshimoto unit but a couple of ‘real’ zip ties work as well .. I secured them to the slots the two bottom tabs slide indo.

One thing I noticed after installing is when I ran the Acto Active Test. The stock unit is supposed to run the fans in a low-medium-high-medium-low sequence for 2 secs each. This just ran on high for that 10 seconds.