Automatically Paginate Posts and Yoast

The Automatically Paginate Posts plugin has worked pretty well. It automatically paginates WordPress content by inserting the <!–nextpage–> Quicktag. This creates a series of tags pointing to the Paginated Posts/Pages at the bottom of each ‘page’.

The problem I have run into with Yoast is that it sees all of the ‘pages’ as a single page which means that the SEO options can be confused.

I think that it might be better to actually have separate WordPress pages .. or Child Pages .. the difficulty being that then I will have to link to those Child Pages

2 thoughts on “Automatically Paginate Posts and Yoast”

  1. I am looking at a plugin called “List Child Pages Shortcode” that may do what I need. In the description it says “A simple plugin to add list of child pages within the content of a parent…”

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