Coke: A Treatise on the Manufacture of Coke and Other Prepared Fuels and the Saving of By-products, with Special References to the Methods and Ovens Best Adapted to the Production of Good Coke from the Various American Coals

In this volume, the papers on the manufacture of coke that have been published in The Colliery Engineer and Metal Miner, have been recast and carefully revised. They give the several methods of coking, with the results obtained, for the consideration of those interested in this industry.

John Fulton – 1905 – 476 pages

The Design of Mine Structures

The aim in writing this book has been to present a systematic discussion of the design of mine structures. While the design of headworks for mines is given the principal place, the design of buildings, bins, coal washers and breakers, etc., is discussed as fully as the limited space permits. In the design of mine structures it is necessary that the structural engineer be familiar with the operation of mines and with various preparatory processes for ore and coal. The discussion of the operation of mines has been limited to the purpose of the structural engineer, and the design of hoists and other machinery has not been considered.

Milo Smith Ketchum – 1912 – 459 pages

A Text Book of Ore Dressing


The addition of Volumes III and IV to the author’s treatise on ore dressing has made the work entirely impossible as a text book. To satisfy the demand for a book suitable for student use the present volume has therefore been prepared.

In preparing this volume the author has endeavored to describe fully typical machines and processes. The long tables of details showing adjustments of various machines in mill practice as contained in Ore Dressing have been omitted, and the data contained therein have been generalized as far as possible. Fewer mills have been described and the attempt has been made to select for description typical mills in the various important districts. Throughout the volume the attempt has beeen made to give the best modern practice, and matters of mere historic interest have been generally omitted. Bibliographies have been omitted as the source of the information can be readily traced through Ore Dressing.

Robert Hallowell Richards – 1909 – 702 pages

Surface Arrangements at Bituminous Mines: Coal Washing, Principles of Coking, Coking in the Beehive Oven, By-product Coking, Surface Arrangements at Anthracite Mines, Preparation of Anthracite

This volume contains papers on the subjects of surface arrangements at bituminous mines, surface arrangements at anthracite mines, preparation of anthracite coal, coal washing, principles of coking, coking in the beehive oven, and by-product coking. The volume will be of service to mine managers, superintendents, and foremen in charge of mining plants, coal washeries, and coking plants, or engaged in the preparation of bituminous and anthracite coal for the market. The several subjects are treated in a clear and thoroughly up-to-date manner and furnish a large amount of valuable information in respect to the manufacture of coke and the economical handling of coal after it is brought to the surface.

Instructional Correspondence School – 1907