I have these printing at Shapeways .. call it a ‘proof’ printing. These pieces are so small I am not 100% certain they will print as well as I want. That of course is the purpose of a proof printing .. so will just have to wait and see. I am having 40 ea of the slotted drain covers and rings .. and 40 ea of the Sewer covers and rings printed.

Yea! They have shipped. Should be here in a day or so.

HO Cover & Ring

This is my HO Manhole cover with ‘Sewer’ on top. The part below, the ring is the part that you see as a steel ring when the manhole cover is removed. It is printed upside down so you are looking at the side that would be glued to the road etc..

The sprues are 1mm square.

Slotted & Sewer

I made two versions: One that says ‘Sewer’ written across the face and anther with slots. I suppose this is more of a drain.

For this illustration I flipped the rings 180° .. this is the correct position. You can just see the inner ring that the cover sits on.


.. and a sectional view through the centers. The 11mm dia of the cover equals about a 38″ dia manhole cover. The inner ring that supports the cover is .1mm larger diameter for a good fit.


These are the Sewer covers. What you are looking at is the cover with the ring just below. Yes .. it is hard to see .. the semi-translucent plastic sucks as far as photos are concerned.

This version has drain slots. I ‘assume’ it would work as a drain – so that is what I call it.

Some Color

Here you go .. I used stains .. to keep paint buildup down … mostly wanted to get some color so they would photograph

Slotted Drain/Manhole Covers

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