Piling Dock

I wanted a small dock for things like rowboats to adjoin my Jukes Boat Rental. I found this photo of a small(ish) dock supported on pilings to use as a guide.


A quick look through my box of stripwood/scraps I quickly threw together a small dock. The pilings are made from 1/4″ dowel (poplar dowel from Lowes. Everything else is as said, simply scrap that looked like it would work.

Right Side UP

Here’s the little dock the right way up. I stained everything first with Silverwood. I then used thin washes of brown and red(ish) acrylics. The bottom of the pilings AI wash to represent aged creosoted wood.

In Place

There is always a bit of difficulty in drilling holes for the pilings in the EnviroTex. I had some luck using a Forstner Bit to do this. The O scale beer bottles and crates as well as the rowboat are 3D models I created and had printed at Shapeways.

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