Wutter SP Headlights

From Wutter Vehicles and Details
This is a set of SIX PAIRS of HO scale nose and rear headlight clusters commonly used by Southern Pacific and seen on many modern locomotives with ex-SP lineage. Used for SP and SSW locomotives, when full light cluster packs with gyro lights were still commonplace.

raw prints

A quick photo of the raw parts as they came from Shapeways. They need cleaning and then a shot of primer so I can get a good photo.

Popped the prints into my Ultrasonic Cleaner and will cycle it through a few times to remove any leftover oils/wax


Primed with Tamiya Fine Surfaced Primer

Mounted on SP engines

Southern Pacific SD-39 #5303 headlight cluster

Athearn SD-39 front

The most noticeable thing here is the recess or notch cut from the nose that the headlight cluster sits in. Note that the bottom of the printed cluster fits the angle of the nose itself.

Athearn SD-39 rear

Instead of fitting into a notch like the front cluster, here it appears to be more as if added as an afterthought.


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