The 350Z has minimum space for a catch can. I decided to make my own mounting bracket rather then purchase something.

Mishimoto Catch Can

Mishimoto sells a catch can with bracket. The “Nissan 350Z 2003-2006 / Infiniti G35 2004-2007 VQ35DE Direct-Fit Catch Can Kit, PCV Side“. Regular price: $343.20 .. with a Sale Price of $257.95 .. well .. call me crazy .. but .. is it gold plated? Sheesh! Beyond this cost it looks like it would not fit my specific set up anyway. More on that later.

My Setup

You can just see the stock bracket that holds the Power Steering Reservoir. The Mishimoto bracket replaces this so it also holds the Mishimoto Catch Can.

The problem is that this is designed for used with the stock strut bar. My car uses a Stillen Strut Bar which mounts forward of the stock Strut Bar location to clear the aftermarket Crawford Plenum. The Stillen Strut Bar would interfere with the Mishimoto bracket. That means I need to discover an alternate mounting location and create my own bracket.

Heinmo Oil Catch Can

I ordered a cheap Oil Catch Can from Amazon.com – a “Heinmo Polish Baffled Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Can“. At $24 it is 1/10 the cost of the Mishimoto Catch Can. The same model can be found on eBay. I like the little dip stick that allows checking for oil depth.

The eBay versions have a variation in attachments – but all of them (including this one) seem to have the same crap hose. That will be replaced – probably with a red silicon to match the Mishimoto Silicone Hoses (red).

Air Filter

Circled in red shows the approximate location of where the Mishimoto Oil Catch Can goes. I currently have a modified Air Filter to catch oil. The Mishimoto Catch Can is quite a bit smaller in diameter then the one I have. You can also see how the strut rod crosses over this location.

I think an alternate location, possibly to the right of the radiator hose might work, area circled in white


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