Rusty Stumps Kit

The O Scale Dock Hoist Kit in O scale. Walt Gillespie asked me if I wanted to do the Proof Build – and I said not just yes but HECK yes!!! I plan on using this along my river somewhere. Other scales will follow according to Walt.

Kit Parts

  • The 3D parts are in a separate box nicely padded with foam (it says on the box that “Small 3D printed pieces are easily broken” .. I should add that if dropped this hardly matters as they immediately teleport to another universe.
  • A couple of eye bolts taped to cardboard (very nice little brass eye bolts)
  • Stripwood (Scale 3″ x 12″ boards) – 10ea about 7-7/16″ long.
A look inside the 3D parts box. I left the white foam padding in the box and lid – it did an excellent job of keeping the 3D parts intact during the shipping. There are a goodly number of bits and pieces. It should be fun painting these – I think this will be an excellent time for some judicious chipping and weathering.


There is a 8 page full-color instruction booklet. I will be providing a list of any errors I find to Walt (alert to Walt).


There are three sheets of elevation drawings showing views from all directions, cutting and drilling guides. Very nice.

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