April 2019

The woofers worked fine for years. I finally blew one of the speakers after at least 10 years and I pulled the pods with the intention of installing new speakers (Punch P2D4 8″. Theoretically the same speaker.)

The problem I ran into was that the new speakeakers were slightly larger and wouldn’t fit inside that outer cosmetic ring. I removed the ring with various tools of destruction and sanded down to the old attachment ring. It was ‘almost’ level – but not – so I cut two new rings from 1/2″ MDF that are guaranteed flat.

New Ring

I used 1/2″ MDF and cut out a new set of rings for mounting the woofer to. These will provide a flat surface for the speakers to mount to. They are the same size as the old ring.

Glassing the Rings

I used two layers of fiberglass mat to attach the new rings to the old. I used a series of clamps to make sure I had good contact between the rings and fiberglass ‘glue’

Initial Sanding

Quite colorful. I had forgotten that over the years I had repainted a couple of times. Lots of sanding … lots. Word of advice – if I had masked off everything except for the top where I was fiberglassing it would have a LOT less sanding!

Last Priming and Sanding

.. and .. finished with that part. Between the Initial Sanding above and to this point was me using Bondo, sanding, priming, puttying areas, resanding, priming, more putty etc. It reached this point and I am calling it “good nuff”. The paint I am going to use doesn’t require a primer so that will be the next step.


I just used a Rustoleum ‘Hammered Copper’ paint from a spray can. It is probably ‘good nuff’ – for now at least

Finished (mostly)

I tacked the “mostly” on because I sti have to apply the velcro that will hold the pods in place. I won’t do that until I have totally tested the system out .. much easier without the pods velcroed in place.

3 thoughts on “350Z Woofer Pods”

  1. Went to Ace Hardware for screws to secure the woofers and trim ring. I was surprised screws didn’t come with the speakers

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