Ready for tape

Removed the carpet. I left the various tabs, bolts, clips and so on as I will just form the pod over the top of anything like this. Shrug … left their happy little selves where they were.


The area where the fiberglass will be laid down is covered – plus – a good way outside. I suppose depending on how careful you are you could cover less of an area ..

And .. a second layer. While a single layer *might* work ok .. I figured it was safer using two layers. Why not wider tape? Have no idea .. this was done back in 2006 .. and I have slept since.
Now we use the pattern that was created earlier. This is all taking place on the passenger side. The driver’s side is a repeat except for flipping the pattern over.
Finally I took a black marker and traced around the pattern, directly on to the tape. This is the actual shape of the fiberglass pod. The marker can be seen through the fiberglass after it sets up so we will know where to cut.


At least two layers of fiberglass has been applied. I am pretty sure I used fiberglass cloth – memory fades after 13 years after all but .. I *assume* I would have used cloth. Notice how well the marker line shows.

Here are the results – passenger and driver side shells.
And a look at the back/under side. Again the marker lines show up pretty well. How many layers … at least two.

3 thoughts on “350Z Woofer Pods”

  1. Went to Ace Hardware for screws to secure the woofers and trim ring. I was surprised screws didn’t come with the speakers

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