I am working on using 3D printing (mostly) to create the shell for O scale engines based on HO mechanisms. Sure .. this has been done countless times in the past .. in fact it is the basis of On30 after all. I’m working with Andrew Gillette on this – in fact the SD40-2 would be for him.

GE-54 ton switchers built in 1956 for U.S. Gypsum
GE 56-ton switchers built in 1956 for U.S. Gypsum

The current plan is to create ‘Road Engines’ .. similar to those Modern Narrow Gauge engines you see in South America and not so much the switcher conversions you often see. If successful I would like to create some RTV molds to make copies in resin.

I currently have the following HO mechanisms:

Life Like GP-30
Athearn SD40-2 (( Currently working on ))


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