That is what I should call it. The layout originally were two On30 modules at the time this photo was taken. The On18 line was strictly a visual thing without any running. I was supposed to leave out in the morning for the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina and the only thing I had to cross the canyon there was a 1″x3″ board. So at the almost literal last minute I grabbed some green florist’s foam, some glue and a knife and created a bridge.

Note: These photos were taken almost 8 years ago with an older camera and much less knowledge of how to photograph the layout .. but hey .. any photo is usually better than no photo


I don’t remember off hand what I used but I made up a slurry of something like Modge Podge, plaster and sanded grout which I spread liberally across the bridge shell.


I am pretty sure I just grabbed some FolkArt craft acrylic paint I had – think it was Linen and quickly painted over the now dry surface (remember .. I am trying to get some sleep before moving out in the morning)


Once the paint dried I came back and attacked with a Alcohol India Ink wash .. a light touch here .. just enough to tone down the yellowish Linen color.


I am pretty sure this went to the convention without the railing and walk. At some point I did another Alcohol India Ink wash and built the walk and railing. All in all I was pretty happy with something that from start to finish took a couple of hours. Hum Bug .. Procrastination Bridge 🙂