Things to do

Sitting here listening to an Audio Book (Angel Stakes by Mark Henwick) and have a second cup of coffee brewing. Looking at the security monitor it looks cold outside (yep .. checked .. 37°). It will get all the way up to 45° by noon .. but sunny.

  • I put a new bumper fascia the day before yesterday but need to loosen the passenger side and re-do that side. It is sitting slightly high .. I suspect .. and am pretty sure .. that that side of the fascia is sitting on top of the little sheet metal flange. Shouldn’t take THAT long .. just mostly a PIA as I will have to remove the front part of the wheel liner.
  • Radiator Hoses – I purchased a set of Mishimoto brand silicon radiator hoses in red. This is mostly just bling. That will mean a loss of coolant. I have one unopened gallon of 50/50 pre-mixed antifreeze .. but suspect I need a second as I will probably be draining a lot from the system when the hoses are disconnected. I think the car requires 9 qts for both the radiator and engine block so two gallons of coolant should be enough.
  • This WILL mean I will have air in the system. Fortunately I have the cure for that .. a funnel that attaches to the radiator with a special cap. This allows you to fill the funnel with coolant and leave it attached as the engine runs and the air is removed that way.
  • Once all of the hoses have been installed and system bled  of air I need to re-attach the under shroud. I *think* I know where I put the 10mm bolts.
  • Get all of that done and I need to remove the passenger side skirt .. it is damaged and needs fiberglass repair work done, then primer etc.
  • Once the side skirt is repaired, the front fascia in place etc. I need to take the car to get those parts painted. Before that .. I need to get my truck running so I have a vehicle for the time the car is in the shop.

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