What is it?

A Wish List is just that .. mostly. This version also contains just possibilities .. maybes .. and some ‘who knows?’.

Seats and stuff

Braum® – Elite-X Series Komodo Edition Leatherette Racing Seats – from CARiD

I rather like these seats. These fit the 350Z. My question is about seat belts – how well the stock belts well work for example. I have been looking at other options such as 4-point belts for the street but they all seem to require a lot of work to securely fasten the ends. *sigh*

Seat Belts

There is a difference between seat belts/harness used for racing and street


Tein Flex Z Coilover Kit – Nissan 350Z – from ConceptZPerformance

Placed an order for these coilovers. Reading reviews, watching some YouTube videos, they should work fine for what I want for my daily driver. My car has had the springs and shocks currently on the car for around 80K miles. It was suggested to me the other day when I got an alignment that I needed to replace them.

Huh. From placing the order to the arrived at my house took two days. Wow.