Next are the bents the bin sits on. It was quite interesting figuring out how to put in all the diagonals/sway braces so they would not interfere with each other.


Here’s another look. The blue sways tie the bents together while the ones colored in orange brace the individual bent. Quite the spider’s web there.


Since the cap and sill for each bent have been pre-notched for the uprights all I needed was to lock that cap and sill in place. Under the wax paper is one of the bents printed off to scale.


Since I needed to be able to get all in and around the bents to glue in the sway braces I made a jig from wood doweling .. shown in yellow and blue. I glued and clamped the jig dowels together (to each other not to the bents). When dry I had the bents exactly where I wanted them so I could add all the sway bracing. When everything dried I simply broke the jig assembly apart and removed the finished braced bents.


Here we have the finished bent assembly with sway braces/diagonals every which a way. I should not that I put the diagonals and NBW on the individual bents prior to assembling everything as it would be a pain to try and put those NBW on after. The sway braces between the bents I also glued the NBW on before gluing in place. This was extra work with all the jigs but in the end I think it was worth it.

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