My Version

I used three pieces of stripwood to form a kind of three steps that the rail would sit on. Drilling the holes in the ends of the Code 100 rail was the hardest part as I kept breaking drill-bits.


A closer look. The O scale pallet was one from Rusty Stumps. I have since decided that a c.1920 scene that should be a skid. There WERE pallets but evidently a different design for each location. The penny .. yes .. that is an actual penny.

Tarp and Tie Plates

Details are cool. I created a tarp using two-part modeling putty (Milliput). The On30 tie plates were 3D printed at Shapeways.

Some Paint

A little paint made the white putty tarp nice and green. A piece of string becomes a rope.

Mini Scene

Pulled the camera back a bit so the tarp, tie plates, rail rack and rails are all visible.

More of dat scene

Pulling the camera back even more to get everything into the shot.

With a figure

Final photo with a figure (O scale). The point being that all this required for the rail rack was some Code 100 rail and stripwood Easy peasy .. and basically no cost .. just time.

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