The 350Z has springs over shocks on the front .. with shocks and springs on the rear.

Shocks and More Shocks …

Looking around there are many, many shocks, struts, springs etc. available so … I looked around some forums for a ‘clue’.
smoothz – Why don’t you just replace with new OEM shocks? You could go with the reasonably priced KYB’s, or go spend some money on Tokico’s.
scathing – I really liked my Koni Yellows when I had them. They’re adjustable, if that matters to you. The Reds are not, but I don’t know of anyone who has ever bought them.

  • 350ztech.com … Shocks … Jan 2009
    • steve350z – but if you are looking for a good stock-style shock go with the tokico blues. or the KYB’s.
    • Z1 Performance – as mentioned, KYB GR2 or Tokico HP + (blue’s) are the most economical – won’t set you back and lot and they will work well
    • danimaldaisy – Don’t you DARE recommend KYB’s do a forum search on them and you will have my name all over the place saying HOW BAD THEY SUCK!
    • danimaldaisy – the STOCK shocks are “tokico”. Get the tokico blues……they should be an exact stock replacement
    • danimaldaisy – i just bought tokico blues myself….first impressions comparing old to new…. the stock front and the new blue shock look identical…although the new one seems really stiff (NICE) – the rears…well the blues are BEEFIER that the stock rears.
    • danimaldaisy – stock Tokico vs. Tokico blue….FYI stock is made by Tokico…it has a big Tokico stamp on it.